What Kind of Creative Entrepreneur Are You?

Jacob Urup Nielsen

I think it is a very interesting point that too many people are working like myself in supporting creative entrepreneurs, in developing incubators and escalation schemes. I think you need to get the balance right. You need to ask yourself  if the thing that you deliver and work with do provide a value and if it makes a real difference. 

I think that another interesting question, that we discussed yesterday, is whether should all the creative (people) be entrepreneurs. And I think that is the question the individual creators can only answer themselves. It is something that you need to discuss at some point in these processes, I think. 
But the question is are you ready to grow your business? Are you ready to share what you do with other people? Are you ready to take investment and maybe let somebody else buy your baby? Or do you want to own it and keep it to yourself? 

For some people it might be right just to be themselves, just to work for themselves and develop something. But for others it might be the right model to grow like this. But I think that this is where the mentoring scheme can work really well: so that you can help to answer these questions. Some people might want to have a day job and to be creative just in the evenings, but other people may want to really develop it into a business and grow the business, employ people and go international.

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Jacob Urup Nielsen

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