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Louise Månsson

I work for Media Evolution, my responsibility is the international contacts. The Media Evolution City is fully booked today. It is a building - the meeting place for all companies working within the media – I mean the broad sense of media – "old" media, digital media, telecommunication, ICT, IT, etc. Media Evolution is a member-organization for all media companies within South of Sweden today. We have 270 members here in South Sweden where we help our members with business development, meeting other companies (both within the same industry and also within other industries), we are looking for innovations and new ideas, new media and we are also looking for foreign companies to help up with joining ventures.

It all started in 2001 but then it was only a project initiated by great demand to gather up all different kinds of media. So in Malmö we had media, in Stockholm we had fashion, in another city we had film and it was actually the one that started with regular meetings between these industries. The popularity of this initiative grew so strong that they started to think about real project – to do something more. In 2004 it became organization. So nowadays we have Media Evolution as an organization because of demand in Southern region where we have so many media companies. We are funded partly by the region - Region Skåne - so half is from the region and another part is from private companies, bigger companies that believe in this concept.

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 Louise Månsson

Louise Månsson

Project manager at Media Evolution in Malmö, Sweden

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