Changing role of ufaFabrik

Sigrid Niemer

When you meet people in Berlin and you ask them do you know the ufaFabrik? They might say to you, yes, I was there when I was young, that was a long time ago but enjoyed it a lot, I have not been there quite a while. So I say, it is pity you should come back again one day. And this is how the ufaFabrik is somehow seen in our city.

When we started we really gave important impulses and ideas to the city. And you know, we somehow lived the dream of many people. We did it. And they came here they enjoyed. When the wall came down, the city grew immensely and there were so many old factories and exciting places and new activities.
This island of West Berlin exploded somehow. And 20 years later it is still the case. So you could say the importance of the ufaFabrik in relation to the rest went down. So people remember us, they know us and the people from surrounding from the quarter they know us quite well and they enjoy coming here. But we are not the institution in Berlin for alternative culture or something like that.

Sometimes we feel sad about this but on the other hand we are fine because we have our audience, we live a good live. We are not in the very centre of Berlin. That means the tourists do not just step in. They really have to do a little trip with the underground to come here. But those who come they are fine. We have guesthouse. That means we always have tourists in here but we do not have the mass explosion of tourists in here.

That is what happens in Berlin at the moment. So there is a huge marketing of tourism and more people come into the city and they go to the commercial musical halls and to the big shows and all these entertainment that can afford a big advertisement in the airport. The ufaFabrik cannot do this and we are somehow something for the insiders really.

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