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Johanna Skantze

Generator Sverige is a non-governmental organization working with aim to promote the culture and creative industries in Sweden. We are members-organization and our members are Swedish regions ranging from the very North of Sweden to the very South. We are funded by our members - regional authorities, partly by the state and also by the incomes from our activities like conferences, educational events, etc. Our aim is to increase the knowledge about culture and creative industries and to increase the competences among the regional developers in Sweden and we are trying to find the way to help them improve the measures of support for these industries. We also play very important role in creating a network between the regional developers and the companies within the culture and creative industries and on national level between the regions and the state. Another thing we do is extracting good practices from the regions and turning them into policy recommendations, for their public authorities and also for the government. However, even if we have been supporting the culture and creative industries in Sweden for 10-15 years, we still face some challenges because our politicians want to have facts - black on white - what is the growth, how many new companies, how many new jobs have been created and it is very difficult to show that kind of growth. 

We do not support individual companies within the creative industries directly ourselves. We create conditions for the regional developers around Sweden who work more closely with the creative companies and the respective regions. We provide knowledge, networks, tools and also methodologies of support of creative industries that we know that really work. Our aim is to create better conditions for the creative companies in these regions. What we do as well is that we work together with the different industry associations in Sweden - the gaming industry, the industry association for fashion, the media industry - and thereby we are trying to improve the conditions for growth within the creative industries in Sweden as a whole.

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Johanna Skantze

Johanna Skantze

Director of Generator Sverige in Stockholm, Sweden

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