Why the ufaFabrik still exists?

Sigrid Niemer

If people ask a question, why the ufaFabrik exists today. I could say it is only because of the huge investments within the first years. I told we had no money to invest just our vision and our energy. And we lived out of one pocket for the money. So that means people like me had no income for about 5 to 6 years.

Of course our basic needs were covered through living here and working here and having a lots of friends and very interesting activities. But we had no private money. And this worked fine so far. Maybe it is clear that you will do this for a certain period of your life and not forever. But without that investment the ufaFabrik would not exist.

And today it is about 250 people working here. We are still living here with about 30 people and most of them work in the different branches of our activities. One interesting thing might be that we have an income out of the solar panels we installed. That means we produce energy and you cannot store the energy. That is sell energy and when we need energy we buy it back. And this is of course an income we have on monthly basis. 

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Sigrid Niemer

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