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Jacob Urup Nielsen

Two of my recent projects have been: the one that I have just started as an advisor of project called Kulturiværk, which is a group of experienced people in the cultural sector where we provide advice to up-coming creative entrepreneurs. In many ways it is traditional mentoring service but because of the broad number of advisors we were able to match skills that we had as an advisory panel with the needs of individual businesses. It is an interphase service and we work across Denmark. 

The other recent project I have done: I have worked as a consultant with a group of 26 municipalities in the greater Copenhagen area. In Denmark the municipalities have had to enter into culture agreements with Minister of Culture. What they asked me to do there was to help put together a program for how the municipalities can better collaborate across municipal borders to work strategically with a cultural agenda in this area. So how do smaller municipalities give up power, give up budgets for the greater good of the whole region. And how do you facilitate that type of engagement across municipal borders. It is something that challenges the politicians and the decision makers. I am sure you know they seem very capable. I am sure they are going to do it. One of the main risks for them was actually taking this risk not be able to control the things. And I think for politicians anywhere having risk is not something they are very happy with. So it has been an interesting thing to work on. 

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Jacob Urup Nielsen

Jacob Urup Nielsen

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