NOASS is not only a venue

Kate Zilgalve

If we talk about the programme of the organization we can see that we have several branches of the activities. We are not only a venue where several concerts and video screenings take place.

But we are also holding the collection of the Naive Art of Latvia and Naive Art Museum of Latvia that means that it is a collection of national importance and a part of national cultural heritage of Latvia. We also administrate and manage the Video Art Archive of Latvia and Baltic states.

We have video art festival Waterpieces that is a key event of the summer season. We have artist in residence programme where we host artists from abroad who come to see Riga as a city of inspiration for their artistic work. Besides that there are several smaller projects and collaborations in which we are involved during all year or several years.

Our most active season is the summer. That is mostly because we have at the moment premises that can be used mostly during the summer season that is from end of April to the very beginning of October. And the rest of the year we just work on our projects and develop the programme for the summer.

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