Creative Industries in Europe

Jacob Urup Nielsen

It is a very interesting point in terms of creative industries, creativity and culture as driver for other things. I think see it across Europe at the moment. The British Council recently had a project where worked also Tom Fleming, as an international expert on Future City Jobs, and the Future City Jobs project was about creating jobs in the creative industries in a number of European countries. In the EU, they are next year proposing a Creative Europe program which will run for the next four years. Again the Creative Europe looks at the culture as a driver for economic growth and for doing other things. 
So I think at the moment we see lots of initiatives in Europe where culture and creativity is being applied in new ways to help solve different other challenges. In Denmark we have also got a Minister of Culture who is interested in this genre and supports it. I think in Denmark, for people working there, looking at culture and creativity as means of other things will be important in the coming years. 

There will still be art for art’s sake, art for museums but working on this new one is going to be very important for everyone who works especially with creative industries and creative entrepreneurship.

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Jacob Urup Nielsen

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