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Kate Zilgalve

As a Culture and Arts Project NOASS is an organization with 16 years of history, it has earned its recognition public and institutional during all those years. Now if we look in the Riga cultural scene and the support from the city council, it is the pretty decent. And I think it is because of the quality, long-term planning and also like trust in the organization during all those years.

As one of the oldest independent organizations in the country we have also recognition in the sector among other art organizations. Also in the Baltic states as we are managing the collection of Naive Art and also the Video Art Archive and the international festival of video art, we have gained the pretty decent recognition in Baltic states.

Also Trans Europe Halles and networking helps us to bring our name into the international scene. It is very good for international collaboration and actually during like from 2008 – 2011 when the cultural budget here in Latvia was pretty small, the budget cuts were extreme and almost every organization suffered from it. So international collaborations were the ones that helped us survive. And now we have recovered from the financial cuts and we can continue to work in the quality that we used to have several years ago.

Like cooperation between the city council, the city itself and also the institutions of it does not happen in one day. It takes a lot of effort it also changes from election to election. And new organizations who are new players in the field should I think listen to one advice: Be patient. Think in a long-term scale. Never rush with your decisions. And maybe sometimes just agree with the city officials because it is going to bring you a lot more benefit in the future if you are not going to fight with them but try to cooperate and to do your best. And take activities.

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