NOASS participated in Riga 2014

Kate Zilgalve

Riga is the Cultural Capital of Europe this year. Riga 2014 has brought a lot of events also to our venue. We are managing several projects that are closely related with the events that are taking place all over the city.

One of them is more related to the Naive Art Museum and the activities we carry out there. It is series of workshops for people from older generations but especially focusing on elderly people and seniors who want to use their free time and like discover their artistic talent. And we make several of plenaries and workshop activities for them during all year and also an exhibition in collaboration with Naive Museum from Moscow.

Besides that we have there another project that is called In Spite of Everything that is not located here but exhibited in the former KGB House of Riga. It is an exhibition of drawings that are made by people during deportation to Siberia and in Siberia and also drawings that document events that took place in concentration camps. It is an exhibition that highlights humanity and human soul during the terrible regime. 

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Kate Zilgalve

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