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Brendan Moffett

I am Brendan Moffett. I am the director of Marketing Sheffield, which is a part of Greater Sheffield - the city’s economic development agency. Greater Sheffield was formed in 2007. At that time we created 20-year economic strategy for Sheffield - an economic masterplan. It was really about next generation of growth for Sheffield and it also tried to understand where business growth comes from, with a particular focus on the growing creative industries.

So the Creative Sheffield project probably breaks down into two main areas of focus. We look for investment and are attracting business and opportunities from the outside. But the second area of focus is really increasingly about growing enterprises, growing entrepreneurism within the city, and also about changing the economic climate, I think. It has become more about helping our own business base focus to the next level, find new market, grow their businesses, interact more with the universities.

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Brendan Moffett

Brendan Moffett

Director of Strategic Marketing at Creative Sheffield in Sheffield, United Kingdom

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