End of the creative industries

Paul Owens

In UK we have a definition of the creative industries that looks specificaly at 13 sub-sectors. So that is everything from visual arts to film to computer games to design. So we have a field of creative industries. It is about specific industrial sectors. I think that definition of creative industries varies across the world. So if you got Asia you will see that actually in some parts of Asia that definition is much wider and includes other things like marketing, like a consultancy services. And if you go to South America I think that you will see that again it has a different kind of a definition.

But I think that the creative industries definition is probably comming to the end of its usefulness. I think that it was a very useful concept for the last 10 maybe 15 years. And I think that people are now much more interested in doing an idea creative economy and that is not so much about individual sub-sectors but is much more about how the creativity and inovation can spread and increase productivity and increase activity across the whole economy not just the formal but the informal economy, the social economy. I think that it is much more interested in that side of things and that has much more potential than a fairy narrow definition of fairy narrow set of activities many of which are changing very fast and converging with each other anyway. So that is the direction that I think it is going to go. And it is going to go from a narrow creative industries definition to wider creative economy approach.

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