Is Melkweg part of the creative industry?

Erik Backer

Well, you may say that the concept of creative industry is in the Netherlands also not that clear. Everybody understands that Amsterdam is more less the center of creative industry. And it really is varied, it ranges from fashion to the gaming industry which is quite important in Amsterdam. And there are connections with the arts scene.

Melkweg itself would not say that we are the art scene. We are on the border of having a good time, dance, parties, concerts. I mean it is a pop culture. And the creative industry is really on the starting point on the creative side in the sense that people are making something and sometimes it is not immediately clear how it will affect on the audience. They may create audiences with their creations. In Melkweg really we are there to show what has been created by others. So we are not a strict creative force ourselves. We are a venue and we show. Of course there are parts where you overlap in the sense, you work together with the people in the media and it happens. But in the end the main thing with the music is that we are showing what has been done by others. So it is not something that we feel like we are part of the creative industry in Amsterdam.

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Erik Backer

Erik Backer

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