Questions that will lead you to money

Paul Owens

First I need to say that where does the money come from is the totally wrong question. To start with the money and to start with the idea that I am standing over here and I need a money is completely the wrong approach and will end up with nobody having any money. The question is: Where is my audience? What is the message that I have for them? And what is the value of that message? What is my audience and what can I offer to them in terms of new way of doing things an what is the value and how can I express that value.

And in fact that is the core of the business that we have here in BOP. We are all about telling stories about a value of culture and creativity so that people can develop it and people can invest in it. So if you start with the question: Where is the audience? Where is the impact? Where is the value? That will lead you to money. And that money can come from anywhere. That money can come from traditional funding sources. It can come from big co-op companies. It can come from individuals. But I firmly believe that if you ask those questions that will take you to the money. If it does not take you to do the money and you can not get the money that often means that your idea is not good enough or you are not talented enough.

You know we live in mostly capitalist system. The definition of capitalism is spare money. There is lots of money in spite of what people tell you about crisis in Europe about a global financial crisis the world has a lot of spare capital a lot of spare money. And if your idea is good enough and if you think about how you can deliver that value to asset bunch of people to achieve change and create even more value then I believe that will lead you to a money. So you can read all you like about new digital platforms, about crowdsourcing that we have a lot of interesting stuff in UK about crowdsourcing, crowdfunding. Those who themselves are not of interest they are not relevant. The bigger question is, how do I create values for my customers, for my clients, for society in large? And if you can adress that question then the money will flow into your idea. 

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Paul Owens

Paul Owens

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