What is BOP Consulting?

Paul Owens

My name is Paul Owens. I am a director of BOP Consulting. We are one of the leading consultancy firms in the UK specializing in culture and creative industries. Basicaly what we do is that we work with people who got ideas or who run cultural organizations and we help them position themselves with their audiences, with their founders. We help them raise the money and develop the audiences they need for the future. Then we also work on the other side. We work with the founders and the people with money. We advise them on how to best spend their money, how to invest in the culture and creative industries.

So we work on both sides the creative side and finance and funding side. And my role really is to work closely with the clients either team of researchers, analysts and consultants here. There is about 15 of us. But my role really is to work very closely with the clients to help them plot their way to the future.

Many of our clients include municipalities, city governments. We have recently started working on a very large project called The World Cities Culture Report which is essentialy a peer-to-peer network of people who work in a culture within city governments. And it is basically looking at how a big cities are nurturing and managing and developing their cultural sector. And that is at the moment includes world 12 cities: London, Paris, New York, Shanghai, Tokio, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg plus a few more. We will be building up that project to next 2 years to include about 25 maybe 30 cities.

So we are very interested in working with cities. We think that at the city level you often have many interesting things happening when it comes to supporting culture because cities are such an important hubs of culture. And because you can do so much on a city level to encourage and develop your cultural sector.

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Paul Owens

Paul Owens

Co-founder of BOP Consulting in London, United Kingdom

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