What is the future of European culture?

Paul Owens

These are my observations based on knowledge of working in Europe as a whole on European projects but also not very much but also working with the Comission. I have to say that my experiences with Commision is not that great. And here are my observations. I believe that the Comission‘s overal approach to culture and creative industries is right. I believe that as articulated in the green paper the crucial arguments they make around culture in Europe and its economical potential as well as its social value and how that links to Europe‘s essential diversity, the fact that you have one place, one overarching set of system and then much diversity within that I believe those are correct.

And I think there are a good arguments and I think that in those arguments lies the future of Europe’s global competitiveness. So I have not got a problem with the overal vision and overal strategy. In fact I wish that in UK we were more switched on to those arguments because as you know in UK we alway think about ourselves and behave in semi-detached way from the rest of Europe which I think is regrettable because we miss a big opportunity there. However I think the way that vision is then translated into programmes and this is probably a function of us, of organizations as much in Europe. 

I think those can be much too formula like and much too rigid and much too top-down. And so I think that for example you know it is loadable to bring all the different programmes together under a single programme Creative Europe is a loadable think and to be encouraged and to probably make it easier to understand. But I still think that a lot of the thinking and a lot of the actual operational side of the programmes are of much too mechanical and much too formula like. And in a sense that based on managerial models that I think it is going to be very hard for a truly interesting and creative parts of the cultural sector of different countries to really take an advantage of. Because that is I think too much a gap inbetween the way they think and way they operate and some of these kind of bureaucratic systems.

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