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Paul Bogen

When I left The Junction, which was 4 years ago, the budget was about 4 mil. Euros. 80% of that was self-generated from tickets, bar and other areas and 20% came from funding, of which the majority came from the state and some from the city as well.
  • Sources of funding for refurbishment of the building
The purpose of the redevelopment was that The Junction was originally built as one space and everything happend in that one space; so rock/pop koncerts, club nights, contemporary dance, theater, komedy, education. There were two problems with this. One was that there were just too many events for the number of days in the week and the second problem was that those different types of events don't work very well together in the same space, e.g contemporary dancers don't really want to be dancing on the floor covered with dried up beer. That was one issue. The other issue was that we didn't have any spaces for artists to create art and to present it. In order to develop The Junction into an organisation that also produces art and helps with creation as well presentation, we needed additional spaces. The plan was to build two new spaces. One, that would be effectively a theater type space and one that would be production space and there for we could split the program between those events where the audience stand and those events where the audience sit. We built this new 250 seat theater space that could also do other events, a flexible space and then we build a third space which was a production space.

Where did the money come from? The majority of the money came from the Lottery, in the UK 40% of its profit goes to five different areas, including sport, heritage, and culture as well. Culture thus gets 1/5 of these lottery profits and that's run by the Arts Council. This is the state funding system for the arts. They gave us 5M GBP and then the city of Cambridge gave us the land and also some money. Further, the area where we were situated was being developed by a property developer and we have got some money from them as well. These were the three main sources of money.

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