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Maybe the funding situation in Germany or especially Eastern Germany that can point out that Halle14 is a private initiative. It was not initiated by public authorities. It was just ideas of the private persons, who thought that it would be cool to have a contemporary art center here and started a private initiative. But very early of course we applied for money at the cultural authorities of City of Leipzig, the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and also in the past the Federal Foundation of the State of Germany. We got funded by them of course.

We also made applications at the EU then more or less in the contact of the renovation and revitalization project progress of Halle14. We are part of EU project called Second Chance that is funded by Central Europe. That means we have four partners or partner institutions - older buildings in West Germany Nuremberg, in Venice and in Krakow and in Ljubljana. The aim of this project was to talk about long-term strategies how to save the existence of such projects, of revitalization, not only how to start it but also how to become a long-term art center. It has something to do with public private partnership and also with fundraising and different things.

And there was another conference that we had, not the How Architecture Can Think Socially. In this case it was How to Survive Then. And every project had own pilot project. We build some art studio here in Halle14 for cultural exchange. Now we are in the end of process of the cultural exchange project that means that firstly naturally artists from the partner cities of this project were here for 4-5 months and making their own art projects here using the studio spaces. And we plan to use the studios also for cultural exchange and artists in residence in he future.

Maybe this is little bit short glimpse at the funding situation in here. Halle14 funding system is a mixture between private money, private foundation money as the Federkiel Foundation is still important partner for us, but also the City of Leipzig which funds us now institutionalise that not only project-based as at the beginning. We are funded now as an institution. And also it is the same with the Cultural Foundation. We are happy that we from time to time get also funding from the Federal Foundation of Germany. But it is not easy. At the end our situation as non-profit art center is not that easy. That means that we always have to care for new sources of support and try to elaborate our fundraising to find possibilities how to pay our costs also in future.

And our team is not that big. We are a team of 8 people here with 5 people who are here on more or less contract fixed base and then we have also free-lancers and volunteers. We are also working with volunteers.

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