Sources of income of Uzupis Art Incubator

Monika Jasinskaite

For the monthly expenses, we have here the house, which is really taking the biggest part of the municipality budget. And also we have the monthly fees for the employees. Now at the moment we have in total, if we could add everything together, we have like four people who work for monthly salaries here to be paid. So three of them are covered by the municipality, and one of them has to be covered by the product that we create here.

The product that we offer is like the one thing that is really like full time a year working here non-stop, and what you can really see every time, when you come to the Uzupis Art Incubator, is the exhibition space. So we are all the time creating the exhibitions. With the exhibition space we are offering the services of communicating this exhibition, choosing artistic works, also creating the concepts of exhibitions, also promoting the exhibition, and like making it all the complex of services that usually follows the exhibition. So this is our main income at the moment.

Also we have the space for artistic events, which are coming like performances and things like that. But as there are many artists who want to have such events and most of them are starting, most of the services regarding the artistic events we are offering for free. And we are working out different ways, how we are developing the product, we are looking for different ways, how we can work in this field. So this is like the main incomes, which are forecasted to be in the future. For the moment we are also offering the residency services for our residents. And the residents they are paying for the space that we have here. Our target is to offer the resident space for free in the future, but for this thing we are looking for different kinds of funding.

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Monika Jasinskaite

Monika Jasinskaite

Uzupis Art Inkubator, Vilnius, Lithuania

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