Funding Framework of MitOst

Darius Polok

As MitOst is an association and in Germany the form of organization is a non-profit organization we are not allowed to create the income really. The law allows you as an association to have a reserve I would call it a budget reserve. The budget reserve is for maximum of 3 months of your normal spendings, on labour, rent, etc. 

So we generate income from our members. We do have fundings for our projects. But there is no way or very small-scale way to create an income. And this could be in future also a problem for us too. But to solve these problems really to create our business and independent money we have to develop an additional legal frame, an additional legal body which would be allowed for example to do some services. In our case this could be an educational work, this could be training seminars where participants have to pay for, this could be possible. But right now within the legal framework that we are working with this is only possible in very small scale level. 

This is a problem for let’s call it for small-scale NGOs in Germany. You have to decide if you are on a business side or you are on a non-profit side. And as long as you are on non-profit side you have a lot of pluses. Because you get the funding for your own project but it is really a problem to create I would call it an independent income and free money for your own. 

So again we have three ways of income. We have the income from our members, the member fees. We have the project support like all the NGOs we are asking European Commission, small scale projects where we ask the foundations for. And the third is important. We have long-term programmes in collaboration with foundations. And these programmes give us a chance to survive and not to be dependent on small-scale short-term projects like one week, one year projects. The majority of our programmes are long-term 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 9 years programmes. And this brings a kind of stability in our organization.

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Darius Polok

Darius Polok

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