Aparaaditehas want to be a host

Lemmit Kaplinski

Come next year when we have people here, we definitely want to apply for programming grants as well. How much and what capacity those are questions still to be answered. But I largely want to base on the people who have their studios here in the building. The Widget Factory, the whole development itself is not going to do much programming. We want to be, and I am borrowing Nikola Stuba’s words, from the Cable Factory in Helsinki, we want to be a kind of a sand box where people can come and play. We want to be the best host for the events. We want have the best equipment, the best conditions. But we will want other people to come here with their events, with their ideas, their programmes and execute them here. So that is also the part of our business model. The only exceptions might be that we might have our own festival once a year or something like that. But we more likely want to be a host.

And of course it does not mean we are not going to get into the content of the events happening here if we are talking about the applying for the grants, this is definitely in the cooperation with the tenants, with the people who want to come here for their events. But we see our role more as the mediator or someone who collects all these things and distributes them in time and space and applies for the money. But we will later give that money to those people for their material costs there, costs for other things.

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