Difference between art and the product

Monika Jasinskaite

Uzupis Art Incubator is supposed to be the part of Uzupis creative industries. But here in Uzupis we really doubt what the art industry is. And most of our artists they disagree when we are talking about the art and the product. And the question of art and product is really not answered here. Definitely the most of artists they have their own visions, but could you maybe tell us, what is the difference between art and the product? When does art become a commercial product? And how commercial product can still be art?

Because when we have the product, we are using particular know-how and particular skills what of course artists do have. But if the art is for real, when the creation happens, then you add something more on this know-how thing. And you usually go to the places, to the things, to the processes, that you really do not know, and you try to explore them. So that is the main problem of people agreeing here and of people wanting to choose the direction.

Of course we are a part of creative industries because we are creating the artistic product or we are creating the art in a way. But that is really the question of how industrial, or how much we want to make art industrial, and then how much we want to make an art factory here. And what is the difference between the art factory, and between the factory of shoes, or the factory of dresses, or the factory of wall paintings, and between really artistic project, and really artistic things created here of the art, of the real art.

So this is what we are really discussing here. And also we can say that when art industry comes into the market, there is definitely just one kind of relationship with the non-artist. The relationship with the people is only a selling and buying relationship. But in Uzupis we want to create a different kind of relationship, and that is why all the events created by the Uzupis republic are ritual events. They are not based on selling and buying tickets, but they are based on artist and people being all together and creating something in between at this very moment. So this makes things really complicated. And that is why we do not really know if we want to go this industrial way.

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Monika Jasinskaite

Monika Jasinskaite

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