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Monika Jasinskaite

Uzupis Art Incubator is part of Uzupis Republic, which is an artistic community. Actually it is a question if we should say, it is an artistic community, or it is a community of Uzupis, of people who are artists, and also not artists who are creative and love arts and crazy funny things, who want to invent something, and who want something new every day in their lives. So if we speak about the community there are of course a lot of people who are being here, who are doing things here, and who are always interested in creating something. So that is why it is a lot of people involved every time in all the activities in here. And there are a lot of people who are taking care of this place.

And this is how we cannot make creative things alone because we are dependent on public opinion inside. So everyone has to agree on doing something and sometimes these agreements come crazily difficult because we probably know that art has many roles. There are many different types of art. And sometimes people want to go one way, or second way, or third way. So this agreement is always like a challenge between people. And this is one thing that we can say if we speak about the movement of Uzupis Art Incubator. It is own place because it comes with certain attitude, certain history of the visions of people who were working in here for many years, and who want that this particular place would look like one way or the other way. They have certain kind of visions, and they are really fighting for that, and they are working for that. But if we have like three or four visions that we need to combine, it becomes a really difficult issue, the challenge that we need to face. So one really big pillar of Uzupis Art Incubator that it is really connected with is Uzupis Republic and Uzupis community. The other big pillar are tourists that come here to visit. And that is also the interest of municipality to support Uzupis Art Incubator, because Uzupis is one of the most visited areas in Vilnius, which represents Vilnius very clearly. And sometimes it in media all around the world you can find that Uzupis is mentioned much more times then for example names of Vilnius and of Lithuania.

So Uzupis Art Incubator has main Gallery of Uzupis in Uzupis. And our gallery is being visited a lot. And a lot people who come to see art in Uzupis, they come to our gallery. They come to speak with our residents, with the people in here. And if we could see the average in summer time, we receive like 200 visitors per week. Of course this number is quite big for Lithuanian art galleries. And even though the space is very small, we can see a lot of people coming and seeing the artworks here. So that is why municipality is seeing our benefits and really is supporting us. And we really value their support.

And we also are very glad, that latest years we are receiving support like the moral support, and the attention from Lithuanian government, and also from Lithuanian president. Last year we had here a meeting of three presidents - the president of Lithuanian republic, the president of Estonian republic and also of course Romas Lileikis the president of Uzupis republic, which has really a honour. And I think it was interesting for presidents as well.

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Monika Jasinskaite

Monika Jasinskaite

Uzupis Art Inkubator, Vilnius, Lithuania

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