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Michael Artz

Halle14 started in 2002 with the first conference titled How Architecture Can Think Socially. It was exactly about what we tried after with what is here - to establish, to revitalize former factory building as an art or a culture center. And there were invited architects, curators, artists, city planners from all over the world to share with us their experiences of revitalizing former industrial buildings. Because it is a problem, that exists on all the rest of the world. There are heritages from the industrial age and must be used somehow. And there are good experiences and bad.

And then Halle14 started in 2003 with first summer exhibition of 10 artists collaborating from the USA here with the exhibition’s title Get Rid of Yourself. But I am talking about this period of Halle14 initiator Karsten Schmitz who had to start all the projects here with his private foundation-the Federkiel Foundation and Frank Motz who is until today the artistic director of Halle14.

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