Regeneration of Karlheinestrasse

Michael Artz

Karlheinestrasse a big street in Leipzig west that was named after a chief that developed a Leipzig West. Karl Heine was the person who made out of this area here fifty years ago an area to create the companies. He developed the landscape here and started to other fabric owners and investors to make here their own business like the owners of Spinnerei in that time.

And this street what was a big store city street in the past was really empty. In the last years now it became a very lively place where a lot of art bars, different new young creative stores have their place there. And now Leipzig West is something like a very attractive place for young students that come to Leipzig. And when they decide, where should I live they think more about the West of Leipzig than in time of mid-nineties when I came to Leipzig. I never really thought about Leipzig West when I tried to decide where to live in the city of Leipzig here.

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Michael Artz

Michael Artz


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