Cooperation with City of Tartu

Lemmit Kaplinski

Public interest in places like this is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, yes, of course especially the city government wants to see things like this to develop because it gives more content to the city, it gives people place to go, things to do, that is good. But of course they are always very hesitant to finance something like this. Because we are currently dealing with the construction and we are not talking about programming that much yet, we are not receiving any money for programming events. But we are currently not in that stage yet. The city is definitely not going to invest into the building. The building has a private owner. And there is no incentive for the city to pay for renovations on some else’s property.

What we are working on with the city right now is seeing if it would make sense for the city to move some of their activities here. And there is one very specific institution we are talking about right now which is the Children’s Art School. It is a school for grades I think from 5 to 9 or 5 to 10. So they give 5 years of extra creative education to children. So it is a sort of pretty established thing. And currently the Children Arts School is operating in three different locations in the city. Which is not really comfortable for them or for the children. And in principal they are looking for one place where they can bring all their things together. And we internally are looking, can we renovate one of the buildings to standard that would suit the school, how much it would cost us, how much rent we have to ask from school and if will be the city okay with that amount of rent. It is all very delicate at the moment. I cannot give any promises but this is something we are working at right now.

So instead of supporting us directly the city would contribute to the cultural atmosphere, contact it to the whole development by bringing in something, which makes sense for them and makes sense for us. So instead of direct support we are talking about cooperation.

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