Classical institutions vs pop culture

Erik Backer

You can see that for instance the city theatre with more classical programme or a concert hall where they do the classical concerts, that these institutions costs more but they are also better subsidized.

In the sense that if you are for instance a secretary working there you earn more then when your secretary working at Melkweg. And I think that it is really crazy. We take many more risks. We have a much more problems that are there in society. You get the much heavier in your own building with pop culture with which you have to deal. Your security has to be different, all the demands on your building with all the people coming in and out. It is heavier. So in that sense I would say that people should look more about those parts and less about that it is established so we keep on being more for them.

That might by my only critique on this subsidy system division and how do you define who needs what. And nobody dares to open up that discussion on the fundamental way because it would really make a complete the tumbling down of the old institutions.

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Erik Backer

Erik Backer

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