Positive thing about Tallinn 2011

Keiti Kljavin & Kadri Koppel

So the Culture Capital 2011. I think one of the good things that came out of it came out of the fact the budget was cut. So it started to focus more on small-scale activities and on grassroots activities. And even though things like that were happening before, they got much more publicity. And I thing it rose the idea and public awareness that people could actually come together and do something themselves. And it can have a really good cause and really good outcome without a lot of money. Linnalabor as an organization did not take part in Culture Capital that much but our members did some projects throughout this year. I did one and maybe someone else did too. We do not know maybe. Maybe we do not know. But I think it was a very good year because for this period and already a period before it made some funding happen for projects that are now ongoing and finding maybe some funding independently now. That was a positive thing about Tallinn2011.

And also one of the ideas of the year was to open Tallinn to seaside and it sounds really kind of populistic. But a good thing was that we have very interesting seaside area, which has very complex planning background. There are very many interesting buildings there. There is this old prison that used to be a fortress etc. What happened was that City of Tallinn created this walking passage by the sea. Before for many people this was an area where nobody would ever go-to. But together with opening this Cultural Kilometer, that is how we call it, many people kind of understood that Tallinn is the city by the sea and there is a public space where to go-to.

And then with these small-scale events, Cultural Kilometer, ECOC dealt with a lot of space that was really appreciated by us. So that is why I really see it was something good, all these urban art festival and these kinds of events that were outdoors. Yeah, maybe I can even say because this seaside area was in focus then people started to think about the public space, the concept and what it is, why do we need it and what can we do there, how can we use it. That was definitely positive thing.

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Keiti Kljavin & Kadri Koppel

Keiti Kljavin & Kadri Koppel


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