At the end of neoliberalism

Sandy Fitzgerald

I think maybe to finally say on cultural industries, that period of time, which is the neoliberal economic now, has obviously come to an end. That has collapsed all over Europe. And it is an opportunity now as well because that system did not work for people. It did not work for citizens. It did not work for communities in a general sense. So I think there is a great opportunity here that is beginning to happen where citizens and particularly young people are beginning to again reassert this idea of creating new projects, creating cultural projects, creating a new possibilities. The space has opened up again for that to happen.

And if the authorities or people who are trying to develop a new phase of development in society if that could happen then this is what they should be investing in. Micro investment. The micro investment for all these different initiatives. And they should be asking people and going where the energy is. And what never happens is asking people, what do you want, what are you doing, how can I help you? It is simple as that because a lot of initiatives beginning to rise now.

And the private-public partnership PPP, which was so prevalent in the last 15-20 years was always missing the final P which is people or the citizens and how they participate. So maybe it is a time for citizens now to take the initiative and to be the ones who actually drive the new economics and the new cultural development. And they should be assisted through new politics, new dynamics in how cities are developed and how communities are developed. And I think you have to look now and see this is beginning to happen in different societies in America, different places in Europe. There is a new energy happening. And this is where the new possibilities are about to take a place.

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Sandy Fitzgerald

Sandy Fitzgerald

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