What is Engine Room Europe?

Sandy Fitzgerald

My name is Sandy Fitzgerald and I am programme director for project called Engine Room Europe. And Engine Room Europe is a programme of Trans Europe Halles, which is the international European independent cultural network of cultural centres.

Engine Room Europe was set up because we felt that there is almost 50-year history of independent cultural centres in Europe. And looking at the next phase if you like next 50 years what is going to happen. Things have changed hugely. So we set up this project Engine Room Europe, which is funded by the European Commission to investigate what the future of European independent culture needs and how we can support that in Trans Europe Halles.
It consists of 19 projects all over Europe. So it is like an action research project. All of them are doing very different things. But the point of all the programmes are that they invest in culture, arts and future development of culture and artists. It is a three-year programme. It is a halfway through. And in 2014 next year we will finish whole project with a big what we call a convention in Amsterdam. Which will bring together all the aspects of the programme and we will invite cultural operators from all over Europe to participate.

The important thing will be after these three years and what legacy would be and how the independent cultural sector will develop. And one of the major things we are doing is setting up a resource on the Trans Europe Halles website which will have all the information and will continue to develop with tools, with advice, with inspiration for the sector.

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Sandy Fitzgerald

Sandy Fitzgerald

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