What is Innovation Insights Hub?

Giovanni Schiuma

I am Giovanni Schiuma and I am the Director of the Innovation Insights Hub at University of the Arts London. And this is the newest centre focusing on how to apply arts and creative processes in business. This was my area of expertise in the last years. I have been exploring how creativity and particularly how arts can be applied in organizations in traditional context in order to support innovation processes. So basically the idea is to explore how the arts can benefit business not from perspective of creating new assets but from the perspective of transforming the organization and making the organization a better organization in particular a human organization.

Today organizations are matching like system and I strongly believe that main contribution that creativity and arts can bring in the organizational context is the transformation of the organization and make the organization human based centre, human based system where people are engaged and are happy to work in but also organization that is recognising the centrality of human being producing the output that generate value for them in a sustainable way.  

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Giovanni Schiuma

Giovanni Schiuma

Director of the Innovation Insights Hub at University of the Arts London

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