Networking of Linnalabor

Keiti Kljavin & Kadri Koppel

We are not a part of any network or any roof of urban labs but we do have partners. We have partners in Baltic countries, in Latvia, in Lithuania. We have partners in Finland, in Moscow, in St. Petersburg. But we do not take conferences and spend some money on that. But we really appreciate our partners in that sense. So for example really easy way to describe the situation of networking is that this Latvian Urban Institute was formed or established in example of us. So they were inspired by our doings and they just thought that they wanted to do something similar in Riga. And also we have looked up in Finland for example another partners like Demos. So this has been this networking part.

I think we are more into networking on local level in what we are doing. We had several networking or collaborative planning projects which dealt with building a network for local inhabitants. We had an year long project that was called The Idea of the City that wanted to put together all the active neighbourhood associations for them to share their problems and knowledge and to kind of have the strong force together to collaborate with the city.
And from that project we had another special project that was called Lasnamae Idea, which dealt with block-housing district in Tallinn. And all block-housing districts in post-socialist cities are quite under pressure because of housing itself and because of image of their surroundings and living environments. So now we are in Lasnamae asking questions on what kind of civic movement could be there? Or is there a civic movement? And what to do with these people? And it is really interesting because for example in this Lasnamae it is mostly Russian-speaking community there. So the urban space or the living space is something that they share. So it is in way a kind of integration project as well.  

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Keiti Kljavin & Kadri Koppel

Keiti Kljavin & Kadri Koppel


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