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Auro Foxcroft

We have recently started to increase the social work that we do here at Village Underground. Primarily it is through the activities that we already run. For example there is a lot of creative things happening here and we use a lot of professionals to make them happen.

For particular show we might have the sound engineers, lighting engineers, event managers, riggers, creative production specialists and so we work with young people so they have shadowing opportunities something like informal entrepreneurship or informal training. So you would have three young people working with the lighting crew and learning about lighting techniques and lighting equipment and professionalism in the workplace.

We also run a lot of concerts so we can have a young people filming the concerts, editing material from the concerts, doing interviews with the artists, uploading that content on to the internet, streaming live events live out of the building on the internet. So there is a lot of activity here that we can just bring people into and use it as a live training facility.

So that is a next step of our development to really push this through and once we have done that we will start doing creative courses with for example local schools, local community groups with a lot of things as you can see there is graffiti, there is dancing, there is music. All of that kind of cultural aspect is a really good to be teaching young people.

Particularly around here there is a lot of gentrification on a hand but a lot of very disadvantaged communities on the other hand. Particularly 5 minutes up the road here there is a lot of tower blocks and lot of estates with a lot of poverty there. Bringing those people here so they can become involved in creative activities gives people opportunities, gives people new insights and new possibilities for their live.

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Auro Foxcroft

Auro Foxcroft

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