Our children are growing up together with the city

Tjerk van Impelen

Implementing the change of the city takes many years. You neeed to make a research. You need to make a plan. You need to know what is in the ground with your cables, with your archeology, with your pollution, with your water system. So you have to figure that you are building and constructing for years. I am living now in the city of Utrecht in a middle of what seems like one huge construction site. I do not know if I will be living here after 5 years and still I am possitive about that the city is changing. 

So to try to make people realize about how the city is changing we try to compare it with growing up of the children. We started building this area, reconstruction of the old city canal, building a new concert building, building a new library, building a new office building for our town and for some companies and a new shopping centre. 

All of our people are growing up in here so we started a project. We are taking pictures of babies growing up in city. A most of parents of these babies are actually people who are project managers, co-workers of difefrent companies and organizations within this particular city. And throughout the years we are taking several pictures to show the people how these children are growing up and we are together changing the city. We are making ourselves each step of the way aware that we are not just building for ourselves tommorrow but that we are building for upperhead for 10 years to give a quality of life for future generations.

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Tjerk van Impelen

Tjerk van Impelen

Information Officer at CU2030 in Utrecht, Netherlands

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