Village Underground supports local economy

Auro Foxcroft

A project like this has quite a lot of positive impact on its locality. Particularly for example we are running cultural events. So it is a provision of arts and culture and access to arts and culture to people that might not otherwise exist.

Particularly when we are doing independent culture such as Village Underground you get a different audience, people that perhaps would not feel comfortable going to theatre or would not feel comfortable in a posh art gallery. So they come and access theatre or art here in their local area.

And they can also benefit from it in way that they perhaps might not otherwise. There is an economic advantage to it in that we are setting up letting people set up their own organization, their own businesses. We have had probably more then a hundred organizations come through Village Underground, set up and then move on in a few years that we have been open. We have currently got maybe forty or so here at the moment. So that is employment for young people and obviously creating a business is better then creating a job because a business hopefully grows and employs another five, ten, twenty people further down the line.

There is also an impact on the local economy because it helps with entertainment, with nightlife, with people are coming to this area spending their money. That means people around here have jobs. Not the creative people who work here but perhaps the people who work at the door, who work on shops next door, who work in our bar, the other venues around here. So that is positive.

And there is also of course tourism. There is a lot of tourists around here. Now this area is exploited. Over recent years it has become a destination with its own right and I cannot remember the figures but million and million of pounds come to this area of Hackney every year from tourism as a result of projects like this.

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Auro Foxcroft

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