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Pia Areblad

My name is Pia Areblad, and I’m the founder of TILLT. TILLT is an organization working as a producer for artistic interventions in organisations, and we’ve been working like this for the last 40 years. We believe that there is a capacity and competence among artists to question things, to provoke, and to make you shift perspectives—and that is the purpose of art. And by introducing artists into organisations, you make them take steps outside of their comfort zone, and make them evolve.

So, we have the last 40 years done around 600 projects, where artists from different art forms have been integrated in companies and organisations for between a few months up to a year. The results have been for the companies that their innovation capacity has been strengthened by about 25%. The working climates have improved. The visibility of the companies has been strengthened. It’s really about how do you make yourself visible as a company in the setting we have today. It’s about being edgy, and being seen as somebody interesting to work with.

When it comes to artists, why artists are integrated, why artists want to work in artistic interventions, it’s because they see they can try out their methods or artistic thinking in other areas. They see how they can explore other kinds of topics. Sometimes, artists are stuck in their own boxes, just with each other. So by being present in other kinds of organisations, they really discover new ways of working. They also of course find a new kind of job, but several of them articulate to themselves afterwards—why did I want to be an artist, why did I choose this work? And they also produce other kinds of artistic work afterwards. So it’s a win-win situation, both for companies and for artists to engage in artistic interventions in organisations.

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Pia Areblad

Pia Areblad

TILLT in Goteborg, Sweden and Ale kommun in Sweden

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