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Ragnar Siil

Well, I am Ragnar, Ragnar Siil from Estonia. I am the managing partner of The Creativity Lab, which is the creative economy, creative industries think tank here in Estonia. We work on international projects and supporting Estonian and another governments in cultural policy and creative industry strategies.
I have been dealing with creative industries for 9 years. 9 years ago I started to work for the Estonian Ministry of Culture responsible for the creative industries. So I worked there for 9 years until the end of 2013. And this was a great ride being really present and having a privilege to see how the sector developed from very early days mid 2005 until where we are now.

I was also the state secretary for the under-sector of the state for the fine arts. So I have seen the both sides of a thing. I have seen business side of culture, creative businesses innovation in creativity. But also I have seen the fine arts the ballet and the operas and the theatres. And it is also very important to see how these two worlds cooperate or collide or what are the overlappings and what are the similarities and differences.

And probably the most interesting part of my job in past years I have been working in Brussels. I have been chairing the European Union expert group on creative industries, so an expert group from 28 member states are all present and discussing issues, sharing knowledge, experience, drafting proposals and manuals etc. So this is kind of a culture reinventing (2:04-10) again in every single member state. So this is basically where I come from.

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