Haushalten brought new energy into the city

Hannes Lindemann

The situation changed during the last 10 years when the whole thing with our association started. Leipzig has now like 100.000 inhabitants more. There are more then 500.000 inhabitants in the city right now. We have not so many empty buildings here anymore. The street life and the life in the streets where we set up our models changed.

Our Guardian Buildings and other models were part of it like a kind of a trigger point of the process. With our models we brought back kind of new energy into neighbourhoods because people saw, yes, something is going to happen there. And then they try to start their own things. Of course we are focusing with our models on certain buildings but effects are much wider.

Now the process is moving to other districts in Leipzig like distant parts for example. There are still a lot of empty buildings. Not 60.000 anymore like around 2000 but there are still 25.000 empty buildings in Leipzig. There is still space for our models and still need to preserve the buildings here.

We started with refocusing from the buildings with our models now. The social aspects are really important for people who really want to start something but do not have money to start. Or they need to get a huge space for their ideas like the other parts of our models. In the Guardian Buildings they have the space for little money and they can do the projects and start their business and it is like the other part and it is really important for the culture here and for the people who really want to do something but if they do not have a room they cannot start with their ideas.

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Hannes Lindemann

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