Networking of A4

Slavo Krekovič

A4 is a funding member of a network of similar independent cultural centres in Slovakia, which is called Antena. And it is a kind of lobby platform, also sharing resources network that has been established a couple of years ago with this aim to really get some communication between similar kind of initiatives. And also we are trying to push the discourse around creative economy and independent cultural initiatives a bit further and also when negotiating with the politicians.

At the same time A4 is a proud member of Trans Europe Halles, which is an international platform where we are very happy to be part of this. Most of the time for us it is important as a platform for sharing knowledge and experience in this domain. And also we feel that there is potential of getting resources for collaboration in joined projects with other cultural initiatives and centres around Europe.

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Slavo Krekovič

Slavo Krekovič

A4, Bratislava, Slovakia

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