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My name is Leire and I the entrepreneur behind Hambroneta. The name Hambroneta comes from “hambre” and “furgoneta” which means hunger and a truck. I am good at finding similarities between different people and associations in order to make things happen.

Hambroneta goes where the action is to bring affordable, tasty and original food. Actually the idea came from the The United States because in Spain and we are running a little bit behind The United States. In 2009 there was a boom of food trucks because of the crisis. A lot of chefs have lost their jobs. In the food trucks they found the opportunity to have a living. This together with the increase of social media and the fact that food trucks were a trend and a something new, all this together made the boom in The United States. Now there are food trucks everywhere.

So we said, why can not we do that in Spain? The crisis, people have different eating habits. So we started with Hambroneta in 2012. It was actually this year the 13th of March. And since then we are making the living out of it.

It is difficult in terms of something innovative, something new. It is difficult to find support of the government or the institutions. It would be easier for us to make a restaurant or a bar because that is something common. When you go to the institutions they know exactly what do you need to do. To do a bar you need this, this, this because there are so many bars and restaurants. So when you present a new idea like a food truck it is difficult to get it started. There are not so many regulations to make in work. But here we are trying to make it work and for the moment we are making the living out of it. We are three people. It is a family business. It is my boyfriend, his brother and I. But we hope to grow in different parts of Spain. At the moment we are in a Basque country we are actually in Biscay. We hope to grow as a franchise or follow another model.

I did have a proper business plan. Actually I studied Hotel Management in Bilbao. Then I went to London and worked there for four years. And then I made a MBA in Lausanne in Switzerland. The Hambroneta was my final business project so I had a proper business plan. It took a lot to do it. We did a focus groups and interviews for six months. We also worked on a proper logo and tried to found out what would be the first impression of it. So we worked a lot.

It is fulfilling because you can put into practice so many things that you know and you heard. It is putting together all the knowledge you acquired through different experiences and everything. So in this MBA Lausanne I did marketing, strategy, finance, food and beverages, so many things. And Hambroneta was a great way to put it together and now it is a big fulfillment not only for me but also for my team.

In March 2013 we would like to have the second food truck Hambroneta and then we will go through summer. We hope that it will be very profitable and happy summer and then we will see. The idea is to start growing and establish a franchise project or another agreement. The Creativity Zentrum has been from the beginning really amazing to us. The first time we met them on a Pecha Kucha Night. It was the first time I was presenting Hambroneta. And since then a lot of opportunities came through. People who were at Pecha Kucha and heard us talking about Hambroneta called us to make a catering for them. And we found so many similarities with creativity. An example is Hambrocar. They asked us if we wanted to have something here in BilboRock and we accepted. It is always a pleasure to work with them. Eventhough we are a food truck and we go from place to place we do have an office with internet acces and phone line. It is a way we do have our storage, we store the food, we have fridges and everything. And this is in a small place in Bilbao. We have a central.

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