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This is an old church. 15 years ago the city council decided to readapt it and create here a space for young people in order to make concerts, theatres, etc. The city council makes every 3 or 1,5 year something like a pubic call in order to make a private enterprise manage this place. The Creativity Zentrum won a call in August so we are already managing this space for one and half year.

Well, this is a space for young people from 18 to 35 years old. Before August we were not managing this space. We only had here concerts, theatres and those kinds of events. Now we are working on creating this space like a cultural point for young people not only with concerts and theatres but also the creative speeches, different gallery arts and creating a co-working space for people. We have created the space for people to come here and read a book or plan a travel. This is an open space for all the people that want to do here something. We also have 7 rehearsal rooms for young bands. We normally have concerts all the week and we are now programming this kind of different events around the creative industry.

The owner of the place is the city council so in this call they put some money in order to manage all the staff working in here and on different events. For example if you want to make a speech you can get the space for free and if you want to make a big concert or theatre or something like that you have to pay a municipal fee that is not very high. Our idea is that all the people that want to use the space can afford it and can do it.

The city council pays to the Creativity Zentrum an amount of money for one and half year. We pay the staff that is here. The electricity and all those things are paid by the city council. So we have only this money to pay the staff and to make different programmes that can be free for all the citizens. The electricity, the cleaning is paid by the city council.

The idea is to create here a place for all the young people in Bilbao and its surroundings and to create a community for young people around music, theatre, creative industries, etc. So now we are working very hard in order to say all the young people that they have here a space to work, to stay and to use it. So that is the idea of creating the community for young people in this space.

For concert for example we can have here 500 standing people. For theatre we have to put in the chairs so we can have 300 people in here. We also have a music groups that are playing upstairs in the third floor in the rehearsal rooms. There are like 800 bands that are playing allover the year. They do not have to pay a big amount of money. I think that it is something like 3 euros per hour so it is nothing and they have really great spaces to play.

In all the rehearsal rooms they have got drums and amps. The city council bought the drums and the amps so the bands bring only their guitars. This is something that has been payed by city council. I think that thay have made a very big effort to make and give the space to young people here in the city.

The bands can perform. We have different types of concerts. For example if they want to make a very big concert they have to pay because we need a special technical equipment. But if they want to play something more acustical they can do it. The idea is to give them a place to play what they practice upstairs.

The concerts and theatres are the most important in here. Almost all the week we have either a concert or a theatre. But now we are creating creative speeches, we are having micro theatres. We want to create a space where people can plan a travel. We also want to create a space where people can improve different languages by bringing international and local people together in order to practice English, German, etc. We have had for example a pressing/present cards here. It was like the local is open. And we have had many different proposals like pressing/present cards til normal concerts.
At the very beginning this place was closed and was only opening for the days that we were running a concert here. Now the idea is that we have opened, put there car with snacks and drinks and these tables in order to be an open space all the day during all the hours for young people. So there are different things running. We also have an another room that is very small for 20 people in the second floor. There is something like a co-working space or a space where people can have a meeting or can give a class or whatever. And that place is always for free.

It depends on the person that rents the local whether people pay and entrance fee. If the concert is run by the city council or by the university normally people do not have to pay. But if it is a private client and they want to gain something they put and entrance. And all the entrance money is 100% for them. Bilborock does not get anything. The money that they pay is to pay all the technicians. And the money that they gain for the entrance is for them for the private client. The city council does not get any money back.

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